Images on this site have been modified to make them less attractive to theft.

Copyright & Such

As a visual artist, I make my entire living by creating images that people enjoy looking at. I've painted for books, television, magazines, calenders, and most recently, the World Wide Web. Because I this is my livelihood, I'm very sensitive to the issue of intellectual property as it relates to copyright and fair use of images.

Alas, the ease and popularity of piracy on the Web has led me to mark my images, both visibly and invisibly, with various copyright & protection marks to indicate that these images actually belong to me and are not not simply presented for any & all uses for free. I very much encourange the continued use of my work -- once the proper agreements are made.

Lifting a single image may not seem like a big deal, and it may not be, but I've seen much worse on the Web. This is my livelihood -- all I do is create images, so I want to be compensated for their use. I appologize for the watermarks' visible degredation of these images; if you know of a better way of protecting my work, let me know!  Many images also protected using Digimarc technology... so, please contact me first before using my images.

My photo-quality prints and The Goddess Oracle itself are, of course, free of such additions, and are, of course, extremely more detailed that I can show you over a slow modem connection.

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